"You represent the Union of Rectors uniting the principals of almost all higher educational institutions of the country, and this association has well-deserved recognition. Together with the Government, you face the key challenges of improving the national higher education, and here the organization, the Union of Rectors, plays an important, literally indispensable role, acting as a constructive and interested partner." From V. Putin's speech at the meeting with the Russian Union of Rectors, Moscow, August 24, 2011.
"Students are the largest and most dynamic part of the university corporation, they are serious and reckless at the same time, hungry for knowledge, with a drive for everything new and respect for tradition, always ready to help each other. Yes, they do need a lot of care, but they are our future. We can say they are the very sense of existence of the University." From the speech of Rector of the MSU, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.A. Sadovnichiy, Moscow, January 25, 2008.
"Aspiration for creative work, for the new content of education is an integral part of the strategy of higher education development for years to come." From D. Medvedev's speech of at the 9th Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, March 20, 2009.
"Our task is upbringing. There is no excuse for high school if it fails in its ultimate goal of bringing a highly intellectual personality with moral values." From the speech of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus' at the 9th Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, Moscow, March 20, 2009.
"The Russian Union of Rectors sees the prospects for legislative regulation of the educational system in preparation and adoption of the Education Code of the Russian Federation, reflecting the modern approaches to the development of the state education system towards improving its quality level, innovative orientation and competitiveness." From the resolution of the 8th Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, Moscow, June 8, 2006.
"Education is the most important resource for the development of intellectual, spiritual and moral potential of the whole nation, and the very future of our country in general, and of our children depends on its successful development." From the speech of President of the Russian Federation V. Putin at the 8th Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, Moscow, June 8, 2006.
"It is essential to create a mechanism which, in a collegial and professional form, would determine the social needs, match them with the potential of the education system and help to achieve their optimal compliance. Our Union of Rectors will be an element of this mechanism." From the speech of the first President of the Russian Union of Rectors V.N. Vinogradov at the 1st Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors, November 25, 1992.


27 February 2017
On February 20th, one of the oldest universities in Europe - Sorbonne - held a anniversary meeting of the Academic Council of the Consortium of partner universities of the French University Colleges of Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University, which was attended by Rector of Moscow State University academician V.A. Sadovnichy.
V.A. Sadovnichy told in detail about the activities of the working group he heads of the Russian Rectors' Union to establish a new international university rankings "Three university's missions," which is different from all existing ones by the indicator of the role of the university in the life of its country, in the preservation of national traditions and the continuity of generations.
27 May 2016
May 25, 2016 the I Congress of the "Society of Russian literature" held the meeting of the section "Teaching of Russian language and literature at universities as the strategic priority of the education policy in a multinational state." The initiators and section moderators were Doctor of philology, professor, Vice-rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University T.V. Kortava and Doctor of Philology, professor, Dean of the Faculty of Philology at Herzen RGPU N.L. Shubina.
At the X Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors the President of RUR, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Full member of the Russian Academy of Science, V.A. Sadovnichy suggested the creation of interactive inter-university scientific and educational project "University Department" based on "University without Borders" platform, with the use of which a student of any Russian university not only can hear the lectures of prominent scientists, public figures and statesmen via videoconference, but also to ask them questions.
The Center aims to consolidate psychological and pedagogical potential of the leading academic and research centers in Russia applicable to the methods of working with gifted children, and to co-ordinate inter-regional cooperation and multidisciplinary endeavour of work with gifted children.
On October 28, 2015 the Intellectual Center of the Fundamental Library of Lomonosov Moscow State University hosted the Forum of Rectors of higher educational institutions of Russia and Iran.