In 2015, as part of the National Strategy of actions in interests of children the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Center for Childhood Fundamental Studies was created in the Human Research Institute of Moscow State University

The Center aims to consolidate psychological and pedagogical potential of the leading academic and research centers in Russia applicable to the methods of working with gifted children, and to co-ordinate inter-regional cooperation and multidisciplinary endeavour of work with gifted children.

November 30, 2015, an interactive roundtable meeting on "Problems of continuous psychological and educational support of gifted children: domestic and foreign experience" was held. The meeting was opened by Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy.

The roundtable meeting provided the scientific community with ample opportunities to discuss the most pressing issues of childrearing and education of gifted children: the comprehensive support of gifted children in kindergarten, school, high school; the research of neurocognitive aspects of gifted children, the analysis of different types of giftedness and school practice of working with talented children.

The roundtable meeting was attended by Full member of RAS, A.G. Asmolov, Full member of RAS, S.B. Malykh, Full member of RAS, Yu.P. Zinchenko, Rector of Tomsk State University, E.V. Galazhinsky, the director of the expertise center of St. Petersburg State University, L.A. Tsvetkova, the director of the development center for gifted children in Kaliningrad, S.S. Goman, and the director of the Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy of SFU, P.I. Ermakov.

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